When the Dark Cloud Sets Again

The cloud has set yet again over you. You have been here before but it is no less troubling. You remind yourself of truth. You know God is sovereign. You know He is good. You know you have an imperishable hope. Yet your heart seems numb. It does not seem to react.

How do we fight through a spiritual heaviness, a spiritual depression? We can begin by recalling to mind moments of grace-fuelled intimacy with Jesus.

“I shall again praise him” – Psalm 42:11

In this psalm, David is at war within himself. He preaches to himself to raise his faith and stir his numb, low spirit. He recalls to mind a memory of praising God with an overflowing thankful heart. And he holds onto the hope that he will experience this again. This season will not last. He will praise with an upright heart once again.

The cloud may seem so heavy and so dark that I cannot see Him. But I know and I trust that He is here and my heart will respond once again. Through every season, God is who He says He is. As the song goes:

“Holy, Holy, Holy

Though the darkness hide Thee”

This is a daring, courageous offensive faith. And David’s faith was like this. He was not defensive. He warred and believed that the darkness shall lift. An offensive faith trusts that the darkness will lift yet again.

We sometimes forget we are in a spiritual warfare. And we let our emotions rule us rather than command they be submissive to the word of God which is true, objective reality.

“In all circumstances take up the shield of faith,

with which you can extinguish

all the flaming darts of the evil one” – Ephesians 6:16

In seasons of darkness, the enemy of your soul wants you to crumble and deny the goodness of God. He wants the darkness to finally overwhelm you. But God is sovereign over all, yes, even over satan! There is no true competition. He who gave you the gift of faith will ensure your arms are strong for war (Psalm 18:34).

When you stand in faith on the promises of God, satan’s plan for your dark season is frustrated.

Hold on tightly to Jesus when the dark cloud sets again but take courage that His grip of you is stronger.

You will yet again praise Him.