Many people write. And for that reason, “the why” was hugely important for me before I decided to publish The Boundary Lines. The heart behind everything I write is to encourage and equip people in their faith, in their Christian walk. This desire is born out of two realities which are that in each of us, God has placed gifts and these are for the common good, for building up of the church  (1 Corinthians 12:7) and that a consequence of becoming a child of God through faith in Christ, is that you will have a deep affection and concern for other believers (1 John 3:14).

But allow me to briefly introduce myself.

My name is Lorelei Reiter.  I am a Middle Eastern, Scotland raised woman married to a wonderful godly German man.  I come from a Muslim family and my testimony of how I came to Christ can be summarised into all but one sentence: “I read the bible. The Lord opened my heart.”

I am a law graduate but currently working in the finance sector while my husband, Thor, is part of the staff at our beloved home church, King’s Community Church in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The passion to equip the church in any way God graces and enables us is mutually shared between Thor and I and is also “the why” behind everything we are involved in within the life of our local church.

With that, I pray The Boundary Lines, is profitable and encouraging to you, dear reader.  There are two subsections: “Kingdom Matters” which focuses on the Christian life and “Boundary Lines” which are short devotionals on scripture.

Adoring Christ with you,